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Meet CleanSpeak, the world’s premier profanity filtering and moderation software. Designed exclusively to keep kids and brands safe online, CleanSpeak will help you effectively manage your community with ease.

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We have community moderation and management covered. Using the CleanSpeak software platform, highly trained Inversoft experts are available to help manage your community with a variety of hands-on customer services.

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CleanSpeak and Inversoft's Expert Human Moderation

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CleanSpeak uses highly intelligent filtering systems unlike anything else on the market. Through a multitude of moderation features, our customers can dictate exactly what should and should not appear in their communities.

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How does CleanSpeak help drive online engagement? Listen to one of our satisfied customers share their perspective about Inversoft's CleanSpeak solution.

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Video: "The CleanSpeak Experience"

Watch to see how the complete CleanSpeak profanity filtering and moderation platform works.

What is CleanSpeak?

CleanSpeak is a complete filtering and moderation software package that assists businesses in quickly and easily managing their online communities. CleanSpeak filters out profanity, obscenities and other unwanted content in real time. Moderators can use CleanSpeak to track down questionable content and determine if actions such as banning or suspension should be taken against a user.

Why Inversoft?

Where traditional, automated filtering tools fail, we can lead you to online safety success. Only Inversoft offers CleanSpeak, which combines automation with human interaction to create a more fortified, comprehensive solution fit for today’s complex online social interactions.

Forget what you think a profanity filter can do, this is the next generation of online community management.