user database sso features

User Database Features

login registration

Login / Registration

Allow your users to log in and register for any and all of your applications.

sso OAuth

SSO - OAuth

Passport implements OAuth 2.0 for single sign-on between web applications, mobile applications and more.



Allow your users to specify their preferred language and then send emails and messages to them in their preferred language.

discipline reward

Discipline / Reward

First user management platform with the ability to discipline and reward users (e.g. mute, ban, suspend, reward).

cleanspeak integration

CleanSpeak Integration

Filter and moderate usernames using CleanSpeak to ensure they don't contain offensive words



See when people are logging into your applications. Find your peak times so you can manage them accordingly.

Additional Features

email verification

Email Verification

Verify user emails are valid.

reset password

Forgot Password

Allow users to reset their password if they forget it.

configure email template

Email Template

Configure email templates using the powerful FreeMarker templating language.

store user data

Application Data

Store your application-specific user data in Passport instead of the application.

user search feature

User Search

Search for users by name, email, username and much more

manage access

Role-Based Permissions

Manage access to features and areas of your applications using Passport's application specific roles.

two factor authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Allow your users to enable two-factor authentication for their login process.

controlled password settings

Password Constraints

Control the rules for passwords including length, capitals and non-alpha characters.

application user reporting

Total Report

Quickly see how many users you have and the break down of registrations by application.

registration marketing reporting

Registration Report

Learn when users are registering and correlate that data to your advertising and marketing campaigns.

daily active users

Daily Active User Report

Learn how many unique users are accessing your application each day.

monthly active users

Monthly Active User Report

Learn how many unique users are accessing your application each month.

add comments


Add comments to any user's account. This is helpful for remembering interactions or conversations with the user.

import user data


Bulk import users for other systems to centralize your user management into Passport.

logged admin actions

Audit Logs

Every admin action is logged in Passport and easily searchable.

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