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User Database & Management API

A secure user database built for developers.

Inversoft partners with #1 COPPA compliance company

AgeCheq, the industry leader in child privacy, teamed up with Inversoft to produce the first ever 100% COPPA compliant user database. As a result, Passport can be used for parental verification and approval anytime it is required, guaranteeing compliance to companies using Passport. Learn more.

Authentication Made Easy

Passport gives you a complete user backend for your application in a fraction of the time. Building all your own user management, authentication and registration features can take 4+ months. With Passport, you get all the features you need in days.

// Authenticate a User
  'applicationId': '00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000002a',
   'email': '',
   'password', 'secret'
}).then((clientResponse) => {
  var user = clientResponse.successResponse.user;
  // ...

// Retrieve User by Email Address client.retrieveUserByEmail('').then((clientResponse) => { var user = clientResponse.successResponse.user; // ... });
/* Authenticate a User */
UUID applicationId = UUID.fromString("00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000002a");
LoginRequest request = new LoginRequest(applicationId, "", null, "secret");
ClientResponse<UserResponse, Errors> response = client.login(request, null);
User user = response.successResponse.user;

/* Retrieve User by Email Address */ ClientResponse<UserResponse, Errors> response = client.retrieveUserByEmail(""); User user = response.successResponse.user;
/* Authenticate a User */
$response = client->login(
  ["applicationId" => "00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000002a", "email" => "", "password" => "secret"]
$user = $response->successResponse->user;

/* Retrieve User by Email Address */ $response = client->retrieveUserByEmail(""); $user = $response->successResponse->user;
# Authentication
response = client.login({
  'applicationId': '00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000002a',
   'email': '',
   'password', 'secret'
user = response.success_response.user

# Retrieve User by Email Address response = client.retrieve_user_by_email('') user = response.success_response.user
/* Authenticate a User */
Guid applicationId = new Guid("00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000002a");
LoginRequest request = new LoginRequest(applicationId, "", null, "secret");
ClientResponse<LoginResponse, Errors> response = client.Login(request, null);
User user = response.successResponse.user;

/* Retrieve User by Email Address */ ClientResponse<UserResponse, Errors> response = client.RetrieveUserByEmail(""); User user = response.successResponse.user;
analytics reporting data

Analytics and Reporting

Put your user data to work. Gain access to powerful reporting tools and analytics so you can easily see user activity and take action.

role-based permissions

Role-Based Permissions

Manage access to areas and features of your application using Passport's application specific roles for complete authorization.

role-based permissions
skinnable single sign-on

Skinnable Single Sign-On

Passport has a skinnable OAuth 2.0 front-end to provide seamless SSO for multiple applications.

on-premise passport security

Über Security

Don't put your most valuable asset in a multi-tenant shared environment. Secure your user data in our secure Private Cloud or your servers.

on-premise passport security

Insane Performance

Passport’s proven performance and ability to scale will power high volume applications. Let us help you reach 100,000,000+ users. 

Built for Any Device

Passport’s web interface is fully responsive and easy to use on any device. You’ll be able to manage your users no matter where you are or what device you are on.

Desktops, Tablets & Phones

Passport is built to work on any size screen. You won’t have to be pinching and zooming constantly just to find a user or view a report. Passport's administration interface is simple to use on phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. Every feature was designed to be accessible regardless of the screen size.

Even OAuth Works

We left no stone unturned. Even our standard OAuth login screen is built with mobile users in mind. You can skin our OAuth front-end with your logo and colors. Users won't know they are logging in with Passport.

Which Hat Do You Wear?

Choose one ...

We build the features. You launch your application. Simple.

No need to reinvent the wheel

Passport is a development tool you install the same way you install MySQL. Rather than write numerous user management features yourself – like login, registration, SSO, localization, reports, email templates, security layers and more – integrate with Passport to get 30+ features in just days. Cut dev time in half, increase speed to market and be the hero of your next sprint.

Client libraries include:

  • Java
  • Javascript
  • .Net
  • PHP
  • Coming Soon - Python, Swift and Ruby
  • Java
  • Node
  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Python
  • Coming Soon - Swift and Ruby

Plug-ins include:

Focus on corporate strategy and product development to grow your business.


Does the thought of getting hacked keep you up at night? Passport has industry leading security built-in with the option to add increased security measures, such as two factor authentication, to help you and your users rest worry free. We are so passionate about security we even wrote an eBook on it.


Learn how quickly people are signing up for your application. See peak login times and watch monthly and daily active user reports. Passport provides a holistic view of user acquisition.


Don’t worry if your user base expands to non-English speaking countries. Passport manages each user’s preferred languages and allows you to send emails and messages to them in that language.


Storing U13 user data? Online privacy is a critical issue; ignoring COPPA requirements can leave a company exposed to lawsuits that can result in long-term setbacks and a damaging brand image. Inversoft teamed up with AgeCheq to make COPPA-compliance simple.

user data security

Data Security Best Practices

2016 Guide to User Data Security

By Brian Pontarelli, CEO

Most applications fail to secure user data sufficiently, leaving them vulnerable to attacks resulting in dire consequences. This guide addresses software vulnerabilities and provides simple solutions.

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