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real-time chat filtering
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Intelligent Profanity Filtering and Moderation

Reduce user attrition, prevent PR disasters, eliminate trolls and improve overall user experience.

Avoid Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuits

Bad press results in serious legal ramifications and profit loss. Read what happened when a customer service representative changed a customer's name from "John Smith" to A$!hole Smith.

Cut Moderation Costs (up to 75%)

Reduce overhead by cutting the amount of content requiring human moderation. Allow your moderators to engage in more meaningful work and let the software to do the brute work.

Reduce User Churn

72% of customers who have a negative experience either reduce their overall spend or switch altogether. Don’t let profanity slip through to your customers.

Cutting Edge Filtering

CleanSpeak understands language and automatically filters conjugations and inflections of words without manually entering each one.


Use CleanSpeak to quickly pre-screen content. With one click, you can edit or remove the content before it is visible to your users.

Which Hat Do You Wear?

Choose one ...

When trolls, online predators and bullies disrupt the online community your brand reputation can take a hit. Don’t wait for an incident to occur, proactively protect your brand.

Build vs. Buy

Building a filter is a time-consuming task that requires extensive knowledge of natural language processing and language rules. Devote your time to building your business, not your own filter.

Cut Costs

Manual moderation can be time-consuming and expensive. CleanSpeak improves efficiency and cuts costs by filtering and moderating user generated content automatically.

COPPA Compliant

Since CleanSpeak can be installed on-premise, it is not considered a 3rd party solution. Therefore, storing data in CleanSpeak will ensure you remain fully COPPA compliant.

CleanSpeak handles leet speak and even solves the infamous Scunthorpe Problem. Here are a few other features to you should look for when choosing a profanity filter:

Easy Integration

CleanSpeak provides a RESTful API that you can access from any language.

High Performance

Filter tens of thousands of messages per second on a single server. CleanSpeak can run on a single server and was built to scale to handle any demand. 

Shoot us a note at if you’d like to discuss how CleanSpeak will fit into your architecture.

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