Community Moderation & Profanity Filtering

CleanSpeak intelligently filters out offensive content and allows you to moderate users quickly, keeping your community and communications clean and productive.

Profanity Filtering

  • Natural language processing
  • 15+ Languages
  • Customizable black list
  • Safe chat
  • High performance RESTful API
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Intelligent Profanity Filtering and Moderation

Quickly get rid of problematic users and filter offensive content, URLs and PII. CleanSpeak reduces user attrition, prevents spamming and improves the user experience.

The best part is it's 100% configurable.

CleanSpeak Use Cases

CleanSpeak intelligently filters chat. But that’s not all it does.

Here are just a few of the ways distinguished brands use our software to keep their businesses thriving.

real-time chat filtering
Real-time chat filtering
forum chat filter and moderation
Forum filtering & moderation
customer communications
Customer communications
ratings and reviews filter
Ratings & reviews
online form submission filtering
Online form submissions
username filter
image and video filter
Image & video filtering
personally identifiable information filter
Personally identifiable information
image and video filter
Profile & avatar pictures
personally identifiable information filter
Online, console & mobile games

CleanSpeak Reporting & Analytics

focused moderation

Focused Moderation

Monitor moderators activities and efficiency within specified timeframes.

find top offenders

Top Offenders

Quickly find your most problematic users and see what they’ve been up to.

user reports

User Reports

See which users are the most active in your community and what they are saying. 

content report

Content Report

See the categories that are being filtered the most and determine if the filter needs adjusting.

CleanSpeak + Google Vision API Coming Soon!

We are working closely with Google and the Vision API team to provide advanced filtering of pornographic, violence and other inappropriate images. 

Contact us for more details.

inversoft user platform

The Inversoft User Platform

Every product we build seamlessly integrates to provide you with a comprehensive user platform. You can moderate and manage with CleanSpeak, store all data in Passport and engage users in Gather.

Talk to our sales team to learn more about the Inversoft Platform.

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