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Don’t spend 9+ months customizing an off the shelf forum. Let Inversoft use the Gather platform to build your branded online community for you.

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Still wondering if you need an online community?

⅔ of companies with a strong online community see an increase in total revenue. Increase profits by letting us build your customized community the right way.

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Configurable, scalable, beautiful

Studies show that a thriving online community can increase revenue. However, using old, clunky, PHP-based forums can be a headache. Gather is a revolution in online community software. It can power your game forum, customer support forum, Q&A system and virtually any other type of online community you can dream up.

Off the shelf forums never work. To get the most out of your online community you need to work with a partner who can customize every component to your needs. Inversoft provides full branding integration, deployment and ongoing support.

Multiple Forum Styles 

Tell us what forums you want. We will build them for you.

  • Traditional threaded conversations
  • User polls
  • Questions and answer
  • More to come!
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Social Media, Configuration and Integration

Out of the box integrations like Gravatar, Google Login and social sharing make it easy to quickly build your community.

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Social Media Sharing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +
and more!


Configure & Customize

Gather has a tons of configuration and a skinnable web interface to look like your brand.

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Built-in integrations like Gravatar, Facebook Login and Google Login will make your community simple to use.

Everything’s an API

The best feature of Gather is its API. We made every feature of Gather accessible via the API. Some of the ways you can leverage the Gather API are:

Content Syndication

Pull content directly from Gather into any application, including your homepage or a mobile application.

Ticket Creation

Quickly build a ticket creation tool that will convert a forum post to a customer support ticket.

In-App Searching

Gather's search is accessible via the API but also blows other forum's search out of the water. Allow users to search the forums and read forum posts directly from your app. 

Reviews and Posts

Build a review or posting system without writing it yourself. Just store everything in Gather via the API.

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