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GDPR Event Resources

Thank you for your interest in the resources from our event The GDPR & Data Privacy in the US. Below are ungated links for a limited time.

Denver Startup Week Presentation

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Slides from Inversoft presentation

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List of GDPR related resources

Developer’s Guide to the GDPR 

Purple Terms and Conditions Spoof

SpotX online GDPR Resource Library

Brian Pontarelli speaking about the GDPR

Additional Resources

Below are additional resources you may find useful. If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us.

Password Security Brief

Password Security Compliance Checklist

Passwords are a critical component of security, but weak password constraints can result in a costly data breach if compromised. Use this security brief as a tool to enforce or strengthen your existing password policy. Learn more >>

DataStax Case StudyCase Study: DataStax

DataStax is the fastest, most scalable distributed database technology for the world’s most innovative enterprises. Learn how they migrated their identity provider to Passport without risking a large scale outage or customer friction. In fact, they optimized their customer experience and improved performance by 59%. Learn more >>

Guide to Data SecurityGuide to User Data Security

There’s no industry, no organization and no classification of software that is immune to the predatory antics of hackers. This guide is for developers who don’t want to wade through complicated explanations of system administration topics. This is a series of guidelines and steps to harden servers and applications to protect against direct attacks. Learn more >>