Data Security: A Day At The Breach

Bryan Giese

Data Security - A Day At The Breach

If you follow us on Twitter (if you don’t, you can fix that now) you’ll notice that we post about data security breaches hitting the internet community. We don’t do it to be malicious or gloat about their failures, but to increase awareness beyond the core community of security professionals. Keeping computer systems secure is a complex challenge, and few people are well-versed in its many facets and subtleties. We deal with security every day with our customer identity and access management platform Passport, so we encourage as much discussion as possible to hear current trends and risks. We hear all the time “We just need to lock it down” or even worse “See? You can’t stop cyber breaches.” Fortunately, neither of these are true.

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Using the Passport Setup Wizard

Inversoft CIAM

The Passport Setup Wizard - Base Screen

The Passport Setup Wizard is designed to make setting up Passport a simple process so you can get back to working on the core features of your application. The step-by-step process only takes a few minutes to prepare Passport to integrate with your application. The basic steps are:

  • Creating the initial admin user
  • Creating an application
  • Creating an API key
  • Configuring the SMTP server

Once these are complete, you are able to call the API and start managing users.

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WordPress, Meet Passport

Kelly Strain

wordpress and passport

Passport now has a WordPress plugin to make login & registration even easier.

We recently published the first version of the WordPress plugin for Passport which allows users to login by authenticating via OAuth 2.0.

Passport is a user database that allows you to easily create, register and manage users. In addition to managing WordPress user accounts, Passport can manage user registration and login for your forums, chat, games, internal users or whatever else you can dream up. Continue reading

Passport User Management Platform is Here!

Kelly Strain

user management passport solution

Simplifying User Management

Inversoft is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, Passport.  We created a next generation user management solution that allows your company to add registration, login and single sign-on to any application quickly and effectively. Passport goes beyond conventional SSO software by providing a comprehensive view of user activity, allowing you to easily engage your customer base.

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