List of GDPR Resources

Bryan Giese

List of GDPR Resources

Below is a list of GDPR resources to get started researching how the regulation will impact your organization. I’ll warn you now, there are a lot of details, and a lot of it is vague. The biggest takeaway you should remember is “Data privacy by design.” Data privacy should no longer be a luxury or generous offer, it should be baked into the core business processes of any firm. If it isn’t, you could be facing serious fines and data flow restrictions.  

This list is just the beginning and doesn’t cover all the details you should consider. If you have more that have been useful to you, please add them in the comments below. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help you talk through them, but this post or anything else we say about the GDPR does not constitute legal advice. You need to do your own research to determine how the GDPR will impact your firm and your applications.

Incomplete List of GDPR Resources

Official Text of the General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR Text – Neatly Arranged

Searchable GDPR by Algolia

Wikipedia Summary of the GDPR

Basic Web Search for GDPR

Developer’s Guide to the GDPR

Are We Covered by the EU GDPR? A Warning for U.S.-Only Businesses

Role of Data Protection Officer

Introduction to Developing Privacy-friendly Systems and Services

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, deadlines and facts

What is GDPR? The need-to-know guide

What is GDPR? Everything you need to know about the new general data protection regulations

Yes, The GDPR Will Affect Your U.S.-Based Business

What You Need to Start Doing Now to Be Ready for GDPR

How Will the GDPR Impact Third-Party Lead Generation?

The Media Agency’s Guide To GDPR And EPrivacy

MarTech Today’s Guide to GDPR — The General Data Protection Regulation

Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

What is the General Data Protection Regulation?

EU data protection law may end up protecting scammers, experts warn

GDPR – How it works. A little bee book

HPE Explains What European GDPR Privacy Regulations Mean to U.S. Firms

GDPR – A practical guide for developers

Preparing for the EU General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR – What you need to know and how to prepare

Pulse Survey – US Companies ramping up GDPR budgets

Fair Information Practices

How GDPR Impacts the SEO and Digital Marketing Industries

What resources would you add? Put them in the comments below.

Learn More: Developer’s Guide to the GDPR

After your review this list of GDPR resources, it should be clear that the GDPR is sure to bring changes to the way developers plan applications and manage partners. It doesn’t restrict the types of applications and experiences developers can build, but it does place the need for data privacy ahead of the business needs of the company. To learn more about the GDPR and how it will impact developer’s responsibilities, download our Developer’s Guide to the GDPR. It covers the essential information developers need to understand to stay compliant and avoid steep fines possible under the regulation.

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