Learn How The GDPR Impacts US Companies

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GDPR impacts US companies

Despite being a European regulation, the global reach of internet business will ensure the GDPR impacts US companies and European firms. Unfortunately, few US firms are aware of the regulations and restrictions that become enforceable after May 25, 2018. With the recent high-profile data abuses and breaches, it should be a topic on every company’s mind. In the most basic terms, the GDPR defines a set of “user’s digital rights,” and changes how businesses can collect, store and control customer data. It also imposes steep fines for companies that are found in violation. Do you know if you are at risk? Are your data partners compliant? (To get started, read our Developer’s Guide to the GDPR.)

Large Companies Are Getting Prepared for the GDPR

Twitter-GDPR-Notice-3If you have a Facebook, Google, Twitter, or another account with an international company, chances are you’ve been seeing updates to data and privacy policies already. With possible fines of $24 million or more for violations, most large organizations have had a full GDPR work group assigned to eliminating any possible issues. Some have had a substantial challenge and considering the volume and complexity of their data footprint, they are fortunate the EU gave companies a full two years to get prepared. Interestingly, there are many US companies that haven’t paid as much attention, thinking it doesn’t apply to US firms. This is absolutely not true. The GDPR impacts US companies in many ways and is especially relevant to firms using common data mining strategies.

Learn how the GDPR Impacts US Companies

If your company is starting to investigate how the GDPR impacts US companies join us in Denver May 23 as software experts from Inversoft, SendGrid, and SpotX explain the concepts of the GDPR and what it will mean to developers and product managers in the US. Our speakers for the evening are:

  • Brian Pontarelli, CEO, Inversoft
  • Aaron Beach, Principal Data Scientist, SendGrid
  • Eric Shiffman, Product Marketing Manager, SpotX

With experience across identity management, email marketing and online advertising technology, this panel will provide a rich perspective on the GDPR and what it means to companies in the US.

We will cover:

  • What is the GDPR and who does it apply to?
  • How the GDPR impacts US companies?
  • What data is covered and what are the risks of violations?
  • Coordinating with third-party data partners
  • Panel discussion and open questions

The event has ended but you can view the summary and resources to keep your team ahead of data control and management trends. You missed the drinks, food, and networking with Denver’s software community, so be sure to sign up for our newsletter below for notifications for the next one!

View the Summary and Resources

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