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Software Security Meetup Denver

This past Thursday Inversoft CTO Daniel DeGroff was a featured guest at a gathering of a progressive group of software security and development experts in Denver. The focus of the night was to discuss the intersection of software engineering and security and share current perspectives on the challenges, strategies and solutions in the industry today. Daniel’s unique experience gained while developing the Passport CIAM and CleanSpeak profanity filter provided participants with a solution provider’s view of the user access and monitoring challenges they face.

Caroline Wong, VP of Security Strategy at Cobalt was the host of the evening, guiding the roundtable discussion through specific topics including application security and how devops as a service affects security. Security experts from a diverse selection of companies like SendGrid, Workday, Charter Communications, Oppenheimer Funds, Western Union, Airbnb, Climate Corp, CenturyLink, MarkWest Energy and Kapost all provided their unique perspectives on how today’s dynamic range of security challenges impact business initiatives, user experiences and internal policies.

Common Software Security Challenges

A recurring theme of the evening was the increasing pace of new threats to applications and systems. Several participants commented that each year they need to invest in additional advanced training and staff to be able to secure their company from increasingly sophisticated threats. They noted that the many high-profile software security failures over the last few years have made it less challenging to request additional resources and budget, but unfortunately few receive the full funds they feel will keep their tools and staff up-to-date as threats continue to evolve.

Not surprisingly, most also agreed that one of the most common sources of uncertainty within their systems will always be the actual users of the system. Every company depends on advanced identity and access management tools to minimize vulnerabilities while providing users access to the tools and resources they require. This task becomes more challenging as users expect to have access from their own computers, mobile devices and public internet connections. Effective budgeting to plan for and react to this range of dynamic factors is becoming increasingly difficult.

Appreciation of Peer Perspectives

At the end of the evening, several participants commented that it was useful for them to hear how their peers are experiencing and addressing similar challenges. System engineering and software security best practices are evolving as quickly as the threats they need to defend against, so it’s essential to stay connected to the wider community.

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