Single-tenant vs. multi-tenant

Brian Pontarelli

Single-tenant vs. multi-tenant

We are into the second month of 365 Days of Passport and we are publishing a free whitepaper. We debated long and hard if we should gate this whitepaper and require you to fill out a form to get access. After much thought, we’ve decided to open this whitepaper to everyone (including the Google bot). If you like this new direction and want us to open all our content (old and new), let us know by emailing us at

This piece is a key component to both our products. Since the beginnings of the company, we realized that some customers would want to run CleanSpeak and Passport on-premise. Since we are one of the only providers of an on-premise CIAM solution and an on-premise profanity filtering and moderation solution, this has served us well.

To date, about 25% of our customers are using our products on-premise. An additional benefit to an on-premise option is that developers can run our products locally on their dev boxes. This makes it even simpler to code against our APIs and write tests that call our APIs without breaking other developers or requiring servers to host dev and staging environments.

You can check out our single vs. multi-tenant white paper here:

If you are looking for a single-tenant CIAM solution that you can run anywhere, give Passport a try using the button below.


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