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Brian Pontarelli

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Over the years, we’ve tried a number of different methods for letting developers get their hands on our products to try them out. During our 365 Days of Passport, we are going to try something new.

Our new evaluation system will let anyone create an account with us and immediately get access to the installable version of our products. You’ll be able to download any of our bundles (DEBs, RPMs or ZIPs), install on your dev box or on any server, and immediately start testing.

We also added another option to try our products. We created two sandbox servers in AWS, one for Passport and one for CleanSpeak. These sandboxes are open to the world and easy to log into. The username and password for our sandboxes will always be:

P: password

You will find the URL for the sandbox on your account page once you create an account. Once you log into the sandbox, you can edit the configuration, create API keys and start calling the APIs. We will periodically reset the sandbox servers, so don’t rely on your configuration and data always being there.

Private Evaluation Systems

And finally, we still want to provide the ability to evaluate our products using one of our private-cloud servers. Since these servers do cost money for us to run, we’ve added a button to the account page for you to request a private-cloud server. Once we receive your request, someone from the Inversoft team will reach out to you and get your private-cloud server setup.

Keep in mind that Passport is single-tenant. That means that your user data is completed isolated from everyone else’s. That is why we start a separate server (or multiple servers) for each customer we host for.

We hope this new evaluation model will help you quickly get started with either of our products. If you have questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to send it our way by emailing

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