Stormpath has been acquired by Okta

Kelly Strain


What we know

Stormpath has been acquired by Okta.

  • The Stormpath APIs will remain in service until August 17, 2017 at noon PST. On that date and time, Stormpath APIs will be shut down.
  • The Stormpath SDKs will be in maintenance mode until August 17, 2017 when they will be decommissioned.
  • Stormpath users will be able to migrate their data into Okta, and may also export their Stormpath data to use as desired.

Current Stormpath users must migrate – whether it be to Okta or a different provider altogether. We understand this is a challenge, a challenge you most likely did not see coming in the near future.

You have 6 months to choose a provider that best meets your business needs, export existing users and be up and running with minimal end user disruption. We are here to help.

What you need to know

Passport is a great alternative to Okta. Passport adds easy authentication, authorization and user management into any web and mobile app with modern REST APIs and minimal code.

On-Premise Deployment Option

Passport provides an on-premise option as well as a single tenant private-cloud solution. An on premise solution will provide a greater degree of security may provide additional performance and lower latency.

Multiple Applications

Passport provides support for one to many authenticated resources – or Applications as we describe them to allow roles and permissions to be assigned separately for each application. Passport centralizes all your user information making it simple to add new applications quickly.


Passport comes with modern security standard and excellent security features including: JWT, OAuthV2, granular API keys, configurable password encryption, password strength checking, account locking and much more.


Passport can be used to orchestrate multiple services and backends. Using the event and webhooks system built into Passport, you can notify any service that a user has been created, updated, deleted and more. You can also create custom events that Passport can broadcast to all webhooks you configure.


Users can identify their preferred languages when creating an account. This information is passed to Passport and can localize events and custom email templates to help you reach a global audience and improve the user experience.

Custom User Data Search and Segmentation

Passport supports custom data including nested and complex custom data as JSON. You can store anything you can dream up and Passport will manage and index it. Passport uses the powerful Elasticsearch query language for robust search functionality..


Want to know how many users signed up yesterday or how many unique users logged in last week? Passport provides standard reports out-of-the-box including: login, registration, daily active and monthly active users.

How we can help

Easily migrate your users to Passport and gain additional user management features. Our migration plan is outlined here.

Please contact us at for free migration services to make the transition as painless as possible. We are not just another vendor, but a technology partner committed to helping you succeed.

Ready to test out Passport? Try it free for 14 days. 

One response to “Stormpath has been acquired by Okta”

  1. Soumen Naskar says:


    We have a web and a hybrid app, Which are running in production. For user authentication we are using Stormpath. As stormpath is merging with okta, so we want to migrate our app to passport without affecting our user’s experience. We are following the migration guide specified Here( but we don’t want our user to re-login into our app. We have some specific questions regarding the migration process and any kind of answer will help to solve our problem.

    Q 1. How to import existing data from stormpath?

    Q 2. How to migrate the user signed up using social media?

    Q 3. What are changes needed to be done on backend? we have a java backend where we are using stormpath sdk.

    Q 4. How passport handles social login? Because we haven’t find any social login or registration api of passport

    Please guide us through for the seamless migration.

    Thanks in advance.