Like your avatar? You can keep it.

Daniel DeGroff


Did you know that you can now bring your avatar with you when you log into Passport?

Gravatar provides users with a globally recognized avatar. If you already have a Gravatar account then you need not do anything else, we’ve taken care of everything. For those without a Gravatar account you’ll still see a randomly generated Gravatar. Everyone wins.

Gravatar simply allow you to take your avatar everywhere you go. You create an account, register one or more email addresses and everywhere you use that email address that also supports Gravatar – boom, your avatar shows up.

Adding Gravatar support in Passport has been on the ToDo list for a while now and I found that I needed something to code on the bus ride home from work. As a result we now have Gravatar support in Passport. Enjoy.

Gravatar has some good integration examples, but if you want a Java snippet, here is a condensed version of what we’ve added to Passport.


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