Passport User Management Platform is Here!

Kelly Strain

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Simplifying User Management

Inversoft is thrilled to announce the launch of our newest product, Passport.  We created a next generation user management solution that allows your company to add registration, login and single sign-on to any application quickly and effectively. Passport goes beyond conventional SSO software by providing a comprehensive view of user activity, allowing you to easily engage your customer base.

What separates Passport from the pack?

  • Discipline and reward users in just 5 clicks
  • Real-time user searches, even with millions of users
  • Integration with CleanSpeak allowing for username filtering and user moderation
  • Localization of emails, disciplines, and other user content
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Active user reports that tell you just how successful your app really is

Intuitive UI

The development of Passport’s user friendly interface short-circuits development time and provides you all of these features in days, not months. Best of all, Passport requires only one database to drive a company’s entire user management function.

You upgrade your databases, operating systems and frameworks, so why not upgrade your user management platform?  Try Passport for free and stay tuned for exciting news, features and updates coming in the new year. Your feedback will help us to shape the future of user management.

Passport User Managment

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2 responses to “Passport User Management Platform is Here!”

  1. Siva Venkatayogi says:

    Hi Team,

    Firstly, great app. I’ve a question on registration module. Can I add more fields to the existing registration module because I would like to capture the custom user roles and role groups while registering a user. Please help! Thanks.