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CleanSpeak Product

Complete Moderation Solution

CleanSpeak is a complete profanity filtering and moderation software package that assists businesses in quickly and easily managing their online communities. 

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Online community management

Profanity Filtering & More

CleanSpeak provides intelligent, multi-lingual filtering of profanity, personal information, URLs, emails or any other type of unwanted content in 15+ languages.

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Easy-to-use and Intelligent

CleanSpeak understands language and automatically filters conjugations and inflections of words without manually entering each one.

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Intuitive and customizable brain


  • protect your brand shield

    Protect your Brand

  • reduce costs piggy bank

    Reduce Moderation Costs

  • increase engagement blue thumb

    Increase Engagement

  • grow the community

    Grow your Community

  • community security lock

    Protect your Community

  • increase efficiency

    Increase Moderator Efficiency


  • chat bubbles

    Real-Time Chat

  • forums


  • games controller

    Games & Virtual Worlds

  • blog writing


  • ratings & reviews

    Ratings & Reviews

  • mobile apps

    Mobile Apps


Tech Specs

Operating System

Runs on Any Operating System

  • Mac OS X-Server 10.5.4 or higher
  • Mac OS X 10.5.4 or higher
  • Windows Server 2003 or higher
  • Linux (all distros)
  • Contact Sales to see if your platform is supported

Installation Packages

Platform Specific Packages Provided

  • ZIP
  • DEB
  • RPM


Enterprise Scale

  • 45K+ Messages/Sec
  • Low Latency
  • On-Premise Security


Simple RESTful API