Intelligent Profanity Filter

Profanity FilterCleanSpeak is the most sophisticated real-time profanity filter on the market. Besides filtering profanity, CleanSpeak can also filter obscenities, ascii art, emails, URLs, phone numbers and much more. Since CleanSpeak understands language, it can filter all conjugations and inflections without manually entering each one.

Let’s use the word “smurf” as an example of a new word added to your base filtering list. CleanSpeak will automatically find and defeat…

CleanSpeak’s profanity filter will intelligently recognize complex combinations of the above variations. For example: “big$mmmmm/rpher” (embedded word, character replacement, repeated characters, leet speak, phonetic replacement, and different part of speech) is automatically recognized and blocked from the single root entry of “smurf”. As you can see, one single entry can have infinite impact with the power of CleanSpeak.

For more information on common pitfalls with a profanity filter, read our blog post series Profanity Filter 101:

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Profanity Filter

Multi-Lingual Filtering

CleanSpeak can filter profanity, racial slurs, hate speech and many other types of content in any language. It also has intelligent language support for English, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Swedish. Additional language support provided by customers needs.

Intelligent language support provides inflections, conjugations and much more.


Customizable ListsProfanity Filter

CleanSpeak ships with our default black lists (disallowed words including vulgarities, hate speech, drug and alcohol-related terms and more) and white lists (allowed words such as “assume” that may be caught in less sophisticated filters). Using our intuitive management interface, you can easily build your own custom lists or modify the default profanity list to your precise specifications.

Profanity Filter

List Approvals

All changes to the black and white lists go through an approval process before CleanSpeak gives the green light for use. This ensures that a manager can double-check any edits made by moderators before they go into effect.