Approval Queue

With CleanSpeak, you can approve or reject content before it is published to your online community. Our user-friendly interface lets you review text, images, YouTube videos, and other user-generated content efficiently and with ease.

What’s more, multiple moderators can work at the same time without ever double-moderating a piece of content. This means faster moderation times and lower moderation costs.


Review and Alert Queues

For customers with manageable volumes of content, our review queue provides a scannable, well-organized view of all community content. This allows you to review and moderate every piece of content to ensure the highest level of safety.

For organizations with communities that generate immense amounts of user-generated data, our alert queue serves up real-time alerts so you can prioritize the more urgent, must-moderate content. Alerts can be customized per your community’s content rules so your review process can keep up with demand.



Not quite sure about the course of action on a particular piece of content? With CleanSpeak, you can easily escalate content to a manager. This makes individual moderators more efficient and allows managers to tackle the more difficult situations.


Queue Prioritization

Each queue is prioritized so that the most offensive content is always at the top. As moderators start a fresh shift, they can hone on the most pressing items without needing to search through mountains of data. This function helps moderators focus their energy so you can lower moderation costs and clean up your community faster.